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E. Research Underway to Genetically Treat Obesity

Warden: Obesity is one of the easiest diseases to diagnose and yet it's been one of the hardest diseases to treat.

Narrator: This is Science Today. Craig Warden, a researcher at the University of California, Davis recently discovered a gene that controls how many calories we burn. This can help treat obesity, but first Warden says there has to be more understanding about the disease.

Warden: People have thought that obesity is because people overeat or are lazy and so what we're suggesting is it's not because people are lazy, but it's because their bodies are fundamentally different and so this then becomes like any other common complex disease.

Narrator: Which Warden says may be treated in the doctor's office just like high blood pressure or diabetes. The goal is to develop drugs to regulate the newfound gene controlling fat burning proteins.

Warden: And so that there is really great hope that really in the next few years there will be a whole slew of new treatments available.

Narrator: Nevertheless, Warden says it's still important to eat a healthy, low fat diet and get exercise. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.