Speak out about sequestration

Tell us how federal budget cuts are affecting your research at UC

Dollar amounts and percentages can’t convey the full impact of the sequestration on federally-funded research. UC investigators can help strengthen our research funding advocacy by sharing personal stories about how these cuts are affecting their ability to research and innovate. These narratives will help lawmakers see the compelling need to end sequestration before it causes more and irreversible damage to the research and innovation that drives California’s and the nation’s economy.

If you are a UC investigator supported by a federal agency that has cut its support for your research, we would like to hear from you.   Specifically, we would like to know:

  1. Your field of research.
  2. Federal Funding Agency/agencies that fund(s) your research.
  3. Describe how sequestration cuts have affected your research (max 500 words).
  4. The scientific, financial and other impacts of the funding reduction on your field of study, department and your career.
  5. Your contact information (for follow-up by RPAC staff only).

RPAC will not attribute your story without your permission.

Please email your sequester impact stories to ResearchCuts@ucop.edu.