Request for real estate leasing services

(for Office of the President units)

To initiate real estate leasing services for space leases, Real Estate Services Group requires a written request with the appropriate approvals (Request). This is due to the substantial resources, research and time involved in developing and negotiating space leases. The Request needs to be in the form of a memorandum addressed to Associate Vice President Capital Resources Management Deborah Wylie at 1111 Franklin St., 6th Floor, Oakland, California (copy: Shauna Brown) and include the following:

  • Description of the OP Division, Department and Program.
  • Description of space required, including square footage, number of private offices, number of employees, location preference, and any special requirements pertinent to your space needs. (i.e., conference room, research library, etc.).
  • Approximate lease term desired including options to extend.
  • Available budget and account number from which rent shall be paid.
  • In the event of relocation or expansion specify the current location and the reason a change is required.
  • The Request needs to be signed by the director of the program and the head of the department.

Questions concerning the preparation of the Request should be directed to Shauna Brown, Leasing Coordinator.