University of California

Office of the President


Senior Vice President

Business and Finance

Research Administration Office



No. 99-01

Supplement 1

November 30, 2001




 Subject: CANCELLED Revised Employee Benefits Projections


This Supplement 1 to Contract and Grant Memo, Operating Guidance No. 99-01, transmits revisions to the Employee Benefits Projections to incorporate the addition of the Defined Contribution Plan for Summer Employment of 9 Month Academic Employees, and the reduction in the Employee Incentive Award Assessment for staff.  The result is a change in the projections for Staff Personnel—Career, Summer Employment, Staff Personnel—Casual with CORE benefits, and Casual without CORE benefits.  All other Employee Benefits Projections issued in Contract and Grant Memo 99-01 remain the same.  The enclosed revised benefit rates for the above-mentioned groups are to be used in calculating budgets for all contract and grant proposal

benefit rates beginning January 1, 2002.  All rates are expressed as a percent of salaries.


                                                            EMPLOYEE BENEFIT RATES

                                                            Applicable January 1, 2002


STAFF PERSONNEL—CAREER                              22%


SUMMER EMPLOYMENT, 9 MONTH                    12.7% (exclude FICA if not coordinated)



STAFF PERSONNEL--CASUAL WITH CORE        4.4% (plus 6.2% OASDI when applicable)


STAFF PERSONNEL--CASUAL WITHOUT           3.5% (plus 6.2% OASDI when applicable)



Refer: Barbara Yoder                                                               Subject Index: 02, 07, 10

(510) 987-9848                                                                       Organization Index: U-115 (e-mail)



                                                                                    David F. Mears

Director, Research Administration Office


cc: Vice Chancellors--Research

Accounting Officers

Internal Audit Managers

David Low/DHHS Audi



Schedule 1: Employee Benefits--Composite Rates (effective 1/1/2002)




(UCRS) Retirement Contribution                      0.00


Health Plan Contribution                                   7.88


Social Security (FICA)                                     7.65


Dental Plan                                                       1.65


Vision Contribution                                            0.33


Workers' Compensation Insurance                    1.28


Employee Support Program                              0.18


Unemployment Insurance                                  0.24


Non-Industrial Disability Insurance (NDI)         0.21


Life Insurance (Employer Paid)                         .14


Annuitant Health/Dental Program                      1.85


Employee Incentive Award Assessment            0.50


Total                                                                21.91


Rounded to:                                                      22%



Schedule 2: Employee Benefits-Special Rates


9 Month Academic - Summer Employment


Workers' Comp                       1.28

Unemployment Insurance          0.24

FICA                                       7.65

Defined Contribution Plan         3.50


12.67    rounded to: 12.7%

(exclude FICA if not coordinated)


Staff Personnel--Casual with CORE Benefits

(working more than 17.5 hrs/wk, excluding: students in casual restricted jobs or an academic title designated as student assistant; per diem, by agreement, and stipend only employees; and initial appointment of temporary for less than three months)


Workers' Comp                                               1.28

Unemployment Insurance                                  0.24

Medicare portion of FICA                                1.45

CORE Medical                                                0.89

CORE Life Insurance                                       0.02

Employee Incentive Award Assessment            0.50


                                                                        4.38 rounded to: 4.4%

                                                                        (add OASDI when applicable)


Staff Personnel--Casual without CORE Benefits

(working less than 17.5 hrs/wk  and agreement, stipend only, per diem, and  temporary employees)


Workers' Comp                                               1.28

Unemployment Insurance                                  0.24

Medicare                                                          1.45

Employee Incentive Award Assessment            0.50


                                                                        3.47 rounded to: 3.5%

                                                                        (add OASDI when applicable)