Research Administration Office

University of California


Reply Requested

March 2, 1995


Subject: Proposed Revised Academic Personnel Manual Section 025A, Outside Employment

Enclosed is a copy of the proposed Academic Personnel Manual Section 025A on Outside Employment, which includes a policy and guidelines. We would appreciate receiving any comments you have on the proposed draft policy, particularly in regard to whether there is a clear distinction between this policy and the recently issued Policy on the Requirement to Submit Proposals and to Receive Awards for Grants and Contracts through the University. In addition to submitting comments to our office, you should submit your recommendations through your campus review procedure for incorporation into the formal campus response.


Barbara Yoder

(510) 987-9848

Subject Index: 01

Organization Index: U-115

David Mears


Research Administration Office

Enclosure [not scanned; see Academic Personnel Manual Section 025 for copy of final issuance]