97-06: Sandia Nat'l Labs As-ordered Agreement



University of California

Office of the President



Senior Vice President—

Business and Finance




Costing Policy & Analysis

Research Administration Office

No. 97-06


June 16, 1997















Subject:   Sandia National Laboratories As-ordered Agreement


Enclosed is a copy of the Sandia National Laboratories As-ordered Agreement negotiated by the

Office of the President Research Administration Office for use by all campuses with the Sandia

National Laboratories.  The Agreement has two parts:  Section I - As-ordered Agreement (AOA)

with an separate document number for each campus and Section II - Sandia National Laboratories

Standard Terms and Conditions for Cost Reimbursement Contracts - SF 6432-CR which is

referenced in the AOA.  Each campus will receive an individual AOA for execution at the campus. 

The terms of this AOA should be consistent with the example attached.  Only the Section I cover

page signed by the campus is returned to Sandia.  The AOA is for a period of ten years.  No funds

are encumbered with the AOA.  Funds will be encumbered with individual orders. 




Sandia describes in Clause 6 how individual orders will be placed as well as how they should

be managed  administratively.  In addition to the unsolicited proposals and Request for

Quotation (RFQ) process noted in subparagraph 1., an individual order can be generated by Sandia

requester directly contacting a campus Principal Investigator (PI).  In all cases, the PI submits a scope

of work and a budget to the campus Contract and Grant Office for formal submission to Sandia. 

Sandia has stated that these items can be faxed or e-mailed, although there is no provision for

official campus approval of an e-mail submission.  When Sandia approves an order in response

to a submission, it may be faxed or mailed back to the PI and the C&G Officer. 

The individual work order should not contain additional terms and conditions which alter or

conflict with those accepted in the AOA 


This clause goes on to describe administrative requirements for the campus, prior approval

of  rebudgeting of more that 20% of the total budget, and approvals for acquiring property.





This clause lists all the negotiated changes to the standard clauses in Sections I and II.  Clauses

824-DR and 826-OS do not apply to individual research projects with higher education institutions. 

They are used in technical consulting or management service contracts.  Although Sandia has not

deleted them, there should be no circumstances under which 824-DR is implemented, requiring

826-OS to take affect.

Clause 302-RD, RIGHTS-IN-DATA, is deleted and replaced with FAR 52.227-14, Alternates

I, IV, and V and with the additional paragraph at the bottom of page 18.  With this additional

paragraph, the Contract and Grant Officer should advise the Principal Investigator to provide a

statement in the scope of work as to whether the project is or is not "for the purpose of producing

software for distribution to the public."  In such cases, the University and the PI cannot claim

copyright to software without prior approval of the Sandia Contracting Officer. 



Refer:  Samuela A. Evans                                                                               Subject Index:  19

            (510) 987-9849                                                                       Organization Index:  P-190


                                                                                                            David F. Mears

                                                                                                            Director, Research Administration