Research Administration Office

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Operating Guidance

No. 95-8

August 15, 1995

Subject: Interim Guidance on CFDA Numbers


One of the recent changes to the University' s chart of accounts was the addition of the five-digit Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number as a data element in the Corporate Fund Profile. The CFDA number is required on new federal funds for Appropriations, Grants, Cooperative Agreements, and Contracts beginning July 1, 1995. The collection of this data is needed for the University to fulfill existing and proposed federal requirements under OMB Circular A-133.

Unfortunately, for many of our federal awards there will be no applicable CFDA number, or the applicable CFDA number will not be provided by the sponsoring federal agency. This memo provides interim guidance in the absence of clear direction from OMB or sponsoring agencies.

Index of 1995 CFDA Numbers

Attached for your use is the Agency Program Index from the 1995 CFDA. As an additional resource, a searchable version of the CFDA is on the Internet at gopher:// The entire CFDA, loose-leaf or diskette, is available from the Government Printing Office.

You will note from the Agency Program Index that the first two digits of the CFDA number represent a major federal department or division: Department of Agriculture numbers begin with 10; Department of Commerce numbers begin with 11; Department of Defense numbers begin with 12; and so on. There seems to be a wide variation as to how the last three digits of the CFDA number are assigned by each federal department. Within the Department of Commerce numbers are assigned organizationally: Bureau of the Census numbers begin with 11.00, while NOAA numbers begin with 11.4. Within the Department of Education, numbers appear to be assigned in sequence without any embedded meaning. In the case of NASA, there are only two programs listed in the CFDA neither of which applies to basic research.

Interim Guidance

Campuses should provide the complete CFDA number on new federal funds to the extent the number can be determined from the award document or the awarding agency. When the CFDA number is not given by the award document or awarding agency, campuses should use the attached index or other CFDA reference to provide as much of the number as is meaningful (from a minimum of the first 2 digits to a maximum of all 5 digits). The letter "Z" should be used as a placeholder for any unknown digits of the CFDA number, as in the examples below:

Sponsor/Award Description# in CFDA# in UC Chart of Accounts
ONR / Basic Scientific Research12.30012300
NASA / Aerospace ResearchN/A43ZZZ
HHS / HIV Researchvariousvarious 93ZZZ unless given by sponsor
NOAA / Fisheries Researchvariousvarious 114ZZ unless given by sponsor
VISTA / Community Service94.01394013
Education / Javits Fellowships84.17084170

Campuses will be advised of any changes in OMB Circular A-133 or the CFDA which have an impact on the above guidance. In the meantime, if you experience difficulty in obtaining CFDA numbers or have questions about this Memo, please contact Robert Baum.


Robert Baum

(510) 987-9844

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Jorge Ohy, Manager

Costing Policy & Analysis

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