Research Administration Office

University of California


Operating Guidance

No. 95-3

January 12, 1995

Subject: Contract and Grant Memo Index, Annual Update

Enclosed is an update of the Subject Index to Active Contract and Grant Memos. This document entirely replaces similar indexes that were distributed with Contract and Grant Memos 94-2 (January 10, 1994) and 94-2 Supplement 1 (June 15, 1994). Also enclosed are an Index by Organization Code to Active Contract-and Grant Memos, and an Index by C& G Memo No. to Active Contract and Grant Memos. All three indexes are current as of December 31, 1994.

These indexes are available on disk (in Foxpro 2.5 format), including active and rescinded Memos. Also available in electronic form is a database containing Information Letters/Reply Requested Letters. The files can also be obtained from our FTP server. "Get" the .dbf files from the \MEMONDX subdirectory; the server address is

By the time you read this, we hope to have put full text copies of all active C& G Memos (with most but not all enclosures) on our Worldwide Web server; the address is At first they will be accessed only by memo number; eventually you will be able to do queries on other data elements such as a word in the title.

Refer: Bill Sellers (510) 987-9847;

Subject Index: 10

Organization Index: U-115

Cancel: No. 94-2, 94-2, Suppl. 1

David F. Mears


Research Administration Office

Enclosure for C& G Officers Only [not scanned]