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Operating Guidance

No. 94-19

Supplement No. 1

February 16, 1995

Subject: NSF Data for FY 91-92

The National Science Foundation has finally issued data on federal support to colleges and universities for FY 1991-92. The report is number NSF 94-329 and is available via the NSF STIS system. If you can get to STIS via Gopher or FTP, the report is divided up into separate files for each table, and these files will be found in the SRS subdirectory, all beginning with the name S1592xxx.

Usually the NSF data is appended to our annual "Reports on Contract and Grant Awards and Expenditures," but when our last report was issued (C& G Memo 94-19, 12/12/94) the NSF data were not available. Thus we are now issuing this supplement, which contains updated tables that we have traditionally numbered 23, 24, and 25.

Refer: Bill Sellers, 510-987-9847,

Subject Index: 10, 19

Organization Index: U-115

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