Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 94-2

Supplement No. 1

June 15, 1994

Subject: Contract and Grant Memo Index, Revision

This office has just completed a review of the Contract and Grant Memo database to weed out those memos that are out of date. As a result of this review, almost two-thirds of the existing active memos were moved into the "rescinded" category. Accordingly, revised lists of active memos, arranged by subject, by organization, and by date, have been prepared and are enclosed. Also enclosed, for your information, is a list of all rescinded memos, arranged by date. All of these lists run through 12/31/93. The active 1994 memos will be added; and a new list distributed,. in January 1995.

Culling the list of active memos was a necessary prelude to our scanning the text of all active memos and making them available on-line to campuses. The scanning will begin immediately. The mechanics of making the text available on-line (via FTP, Gopher, the Worldwide Web, or remote access to the RAO LAN) remains to be worked out. We will keep you posted.

Refer: Bill Sellers 510-987-9847

Subject .Index: 10

Organization Index: U- 115

David F. Mears


Research Administration Office

Enclosures (1 per campus/lab C& G office)