Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 93-17

Supplement No. 2

February 8, 1994

Subject: Second Set of Revised NSF Terms for FDP

This office has received the enclosed letter from William Cole/NSF, forwarding a second set of revised NSF Agency-Specific Requirements for the Federal Demonstration Project. This set is effective February 15, 1994 for new and existing awards. The only differences between this set and the one distributed in Supplement No. 1 of C& G Memo 93-17 (12/23/93) are (1) the reference to the Procurement Standards in A-110 has been updated, and (2) the federal employment level to which the daily consultant ceiling is tied has been changed (but the ceiling remains at $443/day).

Please note that Cole' s letter states that the 2/15/94 terms do not apply retroactively to approvals (e.g., for alterations and renovations over $10,000) made before January 15, 1994.

For your information, corrected tables showing FDP unallowables and prior approval requirements are also enclosed. The unallowables table now indicates that the salary cap for NIH remains in effect. The prior approval table was changed to correct the numbering of items.

Incidentally, the FDP terms have finally been put on NSF STIS. If you can find your way to the NSF Gopher server, then the FDP is under these menus:

> > NSF Publications

> > Grant and Cooperative Agreement Conditions

Refer: Bill Sellers (510) 987-9847

Subject Index: 02, 19

Organization Index: U-115, F-711

David F. Mears


Research Administration Office

Enclosures not scanned; see NSF gopher for current FDP terms.