Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 93-17

Supplement No. 1

December 23, 1993

Subject: Revised NSF Terms and Conditions for FDP; Other Miscellaneous Changes


This office has received the enclosed. revised agency-specific requirements for the National Science Foundation's participation in the Federal Demonstration Project (pages NSF-1 and NSF-2 dated 01-94). These pages replace similar pages distributed with Contract and Grant Memo 93-17 (October 14, 1993) and are effective January 15, 1994.

A number of changes have been made, and are listed below:

A new paragraph g. is added to Article 1 specifying the institution's responsibility to distribute grant award conditions, including revisions, to the Principal Investigator;

A prior approval requirement for alterations and renovations above $10,000 is added to Article 2;

A prior approval requirement for rebudgeting of participant support or trainee support costs is added to Article 2; and

Article 19, Procurement System, has been replaced with a paragraph that is supposed to be identical with current NSF language in its Grant Policy Manual.


With respect to the new paragraph g. in Article 1, NSF has made this change in conjunction with its current practice of not providing copies of award conditions with each grant award. Campuses may implement the requirement to keep PIs posted on award conditions in various ways (e.g. via e-mail or announcements in newsletters) consistent with normal means of notifying PIs of their responsibilities. It is not necessary to make additional efforts to target NSF investigators and do a special mailing.

Incidentally, the FDP terms and agency-specifics are still not available in electronic form through the NSF's STIS, but should be soon. We plan to put these on the UC Gopher when we get them.

With respect to the new prior approval requirements, NSF says its long term goal is to have a single set of grant terms for all recipients so it is beginning the process of bringing the FDP terms and its GC-1 into congruence. A revised prior approval listing for all FDP agencies is enclosed.

Finally, with respect to the change in the procurement article, the net effect is no different from current University practice. The FDP terms themselves will need to be updated to take account of the revised A- 110.


The enclosed prior approval sheet has been amended to show both the Army Research Office (ARO) and the Army R& D Medical Command (ARDMC), which have joint agency-specific terms. Even though these agency-specifics are titled "Department of the Army," only ARO and ARDMC are in the FDP.

In adding a line for the NSF approval for alteration/renovation, we have put in a footnote recommending that you should have discussions with the agency representative before incurring substantial costs for alteration/renovation on an NIH grant that is not in the approved budget. This is simply good management practice given NIH's obvious sensitivity in this area.

Refer: Bill Sellers (510) 987-9847

Subject Index: 02, 19

Organization Index: U-115, F-711

David F. Mears


Research Administration Office

Enclosures not scanned; see NSF gopher for current FDP terms.