Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 93-17

October 14, 1993

Subject: Revised FDP Terms, September 1993

Enclosed is a copy of the revised General Terms and Conditions and agency-specifics for the Federal Demonstration Project. This document was distributed at last month's FDP Steering Committee meeting and you may consider these revisions to be effective October 1, 1993.

An electronic version of the FDP terms will be put on the NSF STIS system shortly. We will let you know by e-mail when this happens. We plan to download a copy from STIS and put it on the University information system as soon as possible.

Here is a summary of the changes:

Because grants administration functions for ADAMHA have been taken over by NIH, ADAMHA is not listed on the cover page and there no longer is a separate set of agency-specifics for ADAMHA;

The previous Articles 5 (Changes in Objectives or Scope) and 6 (Absence or Change of PI) have been rolled up into a new Article 5 (Significant Project Changes), covering change in scope, change/absence of PI, and contracting out;

The Air Force agency-specifics have eliminated the requirement for prior approval for no-cost extensions, and the reference to FDA requirements has also been deleted;

The Army agency-specifics add a prior approval requirement for equipment over $1,000 not in the approved budget; there is more detail on technical and invention reporting; new clauses have been added dealing with equal employment opportunity and military recruitment; and the disputes clause has been deleted;

Clauses 1. through 4. of the EPA agency-specifics are new, dealing with use of recycled paper, attendance of the PI at a seminar, small business affirmative action, and inventions; a clause on noncompeting continuations has been deleted;

The NIH agency-specifics no longer contains language that supersedes a portion of the allocation and documentation standard (Section 2.h.(3) of the General Terms and Conditions) because virtually identical language has now been issued in A-21; the indicators of what may constitute a change in scope have been greatly simplified; and the clause on noncompeting applications has been reduced to a single sentence requiring a budget page;

The NSF agency-specifics have added language dealing with misconduct; the standard NSF patent clause at 45 CFR 650.4(a) has been substituted for the one referenced in Article 22 of the General Terms and Conditions [the NSF clause was recently distributed with Revision #25 of the A-110 Binder Series]; and the salary cap language has been deleted;

The ONR agency-specifics have added a new clause (#5) dealing with rights in technical data and computer software, the effect of which is to incorporate the DoD FAR Supplement provision at 252.227-7013 [see DFARS Clause Database].

Also enclosed are revised sheets summarizing prior approval requirements under the FDP and special restrictions on expenditures, by funding agency.

Refer: Bill Sellers 510-987-9847

Subject Index: 02, 19

Organization Index: U-115

David F. Mears


Research Administration Office