Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 93-16

Supplement No. 2

May 27, 1994

Subject: Interagency Master Agreement No. 53403002 A-2, California State Department of Industrial Relations

This memo transmits a copy of the subject amendment which extends the end date of this Master Agreement to June 30, 1997.

Please note that full indirect costs should be paid under this agreement. Page 2 of this amendment would have allowed the Department of Industrial Relations to negotiate rates with each campus. However, upon our insistence this modification was deleted and thus item 9.D.3 providing for full indirect costs remains the same.

Refer: Lourdes G. DeMattos (510) 987-9850

Subject Index: 02, 22

Organization Index: S-190

Samuela A. Evans

Contract and Grant Officer