Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 93-7

April 30, 1993

Subject: University of California Administered Grant Programs

Attached for your information is an updated list of University of California intramural grant programs. This list replaces the one issued with a July 27, 1987 Information Letter.

Since these programs do not all transfer their funds with agreements through campus Contract and Grant Offices, the chart includes additional columns of information on the right side of the page to assist campus Contract and Grant and Extramural Funds Accounting Offices in the transfer and tracking of funds from these programs. In the third column from the right is the fund number for the program funds. In the second column from the right is the CGX sponsor code which is used in the Corporate Financial System (CFS) to identify the external source of the funds for extramurally funded projects. No CGX code is required in the CFS for 19900 and special State appropriation funded projects as indicated by an "NA" (Not Applicable) in the CFS Code column. The last column on the fight is the CGX or Sponsor Code.

We have included the applicable numbers in these columns where they are available. A blank column means the applicable number is not known. The CFS codes provided are the general codes of the program's basic funding. As such, they are subject to change when a program receives funding from new sources. The CFS sponsor code would change to reflect the sponsor code for a new source of the funds provided the campus. The CGX code would remain the same.

This list is continually updated as changes occur with these programs. Please let Samuela Evans know if you are aware of any other programs which should be added to this list or corrections needed.

Refer: Samuela A. Evans (510) 987-9849

Subject: 02, 22

Organization: U-700

Cancel: July 27, 1987 Information Letter

David F. Mears


Research Administration Office