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Operating Guidance

No. 90-08
Supplement No. 4
January 22, 1996


Subject: Revised Subcontracting Plan Reporting Forms, SF 294 and SF 295

OMB has approved revised subcontracting plan reporting forms, SF 294 and SF 295, dated 10/95. These forms are authorized for use beginning with the reporting period that ends March 31, 1996. Copies of the new forms, and their instructions, are enclosed.

SF 294

The conditions under which the SF 294 form is to be submitted have not changed (see Contract and Grant Memo 90-8, 7/18/90). The form has been simplified considerably, and most of the boxes to be filled in are self-explanatory except perhaps for the following:

The frequency of submission for all agencies is semi-annually, for periods ending either March 31 or September 30. The reporting period in each case, however, begins with the inception of the contract. [See Box #4.] and the information to be provided is cumulative for that contract.

A new data element has been added at Box #12, Women-Owned Small Business Concerns.

Box #2, Contractor's Establishment Code (CEC), should be filled in with the appropriate number consisting of eight digits and a letter. The CEC numbers for campus C&G offices are as follows:

Berkeley 87-402-396D Davis 18-562-770A
Irvine 12-161-045F
Los Angeles 09-354-046G
Riverside 62-870-752D
San Diego 80-536-589H
San Francisco 61-956-771C
Santa Barbara 16-216-437A
Santa Cruz 04-880-204F
Office of the President 00-499-561K

In Box #6, check the agency that awards the most contracts to your campus that include subcontracting plans. This should be the same as the agency checked in Box #6 on the form SF 295.

See the next-to-last section of the instructions, called "DISTRIBUTION OF THIS REPORT", for information on where to submit completed reports.

Dollars to be reported (on both the SF-294 and SF-295) should be based on amounts expended under a subcontract regardless of the total amount obligated for that subcontract.


The format of this form has been simplified, but the basic purpose is the same: to summarize subcontracting activity during the reporting period.

This form also has a box #2 for the CEC number, for which see above under SF-294.

For DoD and NASA the form is to be submitted twice a year but the reporting period is different in each case: one report each year covers the six months ending March 31 and the other report covers the twelve months ending October 31. For other agencies the reporting frequency is annually for the twelve months ending October 31. [See Box #4.]

Box #8 would normally be checked "INDIVIDUAL".

Box #13, which collects information on subcontracts with historically black colleges and universities, and minority institutions, is applicable only to prime contracts with DoD, NASA and the Coast Guard.

For information on where to submit completed forms, see items 5. and 6. of the instructions and the last two sections of the instructions headed "SUBMITTAL ADDRESSES FOR ORIGINAL REPORT" and "FOR ALL CONTRACTORS". The latter section asks for an 'info copy' to be sent to SBA. Northern campuses should send this copy to: Barbara Woodson, SBA Office of Government Contracting, 71 Stevenson St., 18th Fl., San Francisco, CA 94105. Southern campuses (including Santa Barbara) should send this copy to: Stephanie Lewis, SBA Office of Government Contracting, 330 N. Brand Blvd., Suite 1200, Glendale, CA 91203.

In general, all DoD-funded subcontracts are to be reported in a consolidated report with copies distributed to each DoD component involved (Air Force, Army, Navy, or Defense Logistics Agency). However, if any of your reportable contracts are primarily for maintenance, engineering, or construction work, then the figures for those contracts should be reported separately to the affected DoD component(s). Of course you would then not include these figures in the consolidated SF-295 for all your other DoD-funded subcontracts.

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Organization Index: F-005, U-115

Refer: Bill Sellers, (510) 987-9847

David Haskins
Assistant Director
Materiel Management

David F. Mears
Research Administration Office

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