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Memo Operating Guidance

No. 90-4  CANCELLED as of 9/2/2008

March 14, 1990

Subject: State of California Department of Health Services Exhibit A(S) (3/89)

The most recent version of the State of California Department of Health Services Exhibit A(S), Additional Provisions (for State Funded Subvention Aid/Local Assistance Cost Reimbursement Contracts/Grants), dated 3/89, (copy attached) contains changes in Section 3 and a new Section 26, Conflict of Interest.

In Section 3, Procurement Requirement, the amount of a purchase order or subcontract requiring prior authorization in writing by the State was raised from $1,000 in the previous 3/86 version is this Exhibit to $2,500 and, for consultants, from $250 per day to $350 per day.

Section 26, Conflict of Interest -- Current and Former State Employees, is new and contains extensive restrictions for the contractor on hiring current or former state officers, employees or officials. This Section cites Public Contract Code Sections 10410 and 10420 as the legal basis for these restrictions. The Regents of the University of California are exempt from this requirement as well as any other requirements found in Chapter 2, State Procurement of Materials, Supplies, Equipment, and Services, of the California Public Contract Code, as stated in Article 10 of that Chapter. Section 26 is, therefore, not applicable to the University of California.

Refer: Samuela A. Evans

ATSS 8-582-3045

(415) 642-3045

Subject Index: 02, 16

Organization Index: S-140


David F. Mears


Research Administration Office

[See Supplement 1 for copy of updated form.]