Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 89-26

August 16, 1989

Subject: Definition of Equipment on State Agreements

We recently received the attached memo from David Barnard, University Stores and Equipment Coordinator, stating his concerns that some State agreements carry an equipment threshold of $150. We understand that this concern was raised by various campus Equipment Managers.

The State Administrative Manual Sections 8602 and 8614 (attached) establishes a threshold of $500 and a four-year useful life as the definition of State property. All State agencies should be using this current definition in accordance with these sections of the State Administrative Manual. Contract and Grant Officers on campuses where this continues to be a problem may wish to consider modifying agreements that contain the old $150 threshold, or, alternatively, sending a letter to State agencies involved advising that the University intends to follow the current State definition for equipment as set forth in the State Administrative Manual.

Refer: Samuela A. Evans

ATSS 8-582-1654

(415) 642-1654

Subject Index: 02, 15, 22

Organization Index: S-001

Acting University Contracts and Grants Coordinator



David Barnard

Materiel Managers

July 20, 1989


Subject: $1,50 Equipment Threshold for State Agreements

Ref: Equipment Managers Meeting, 4/89

At the last Equipment Managers' meeting, it was mentioned some State agreements carry an equipment threshold of $150. According to University guidelines, we inventory items with an acquisition cost of $500 or more, unless a specific contract or grant specifies a lower level. The requirement to inventory equipment items valued at $150 and up is simply too stringent. It adds a significant amount of administrative workload for equipment management as well as custodial departments. We would like to know if the State would agree to recognize either our current equipment threshold (as defined), or another fixed level somewhat higher than $150. Possibly, there could be a blanket agreement to this effect.

Please let us know what you believe might be the best approach for discussing this problem with the State. Call me at 987-0471, if you have any questions.

David H. Barnard

University Stores & Equipment Coordinator

cc: Wayne S. Ove