Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 88-19

Supplement No. 1

December 22, 1988

Subject: Certification of Nondebarment Status for PHS Grants

The Public Health Service has clarified its procedures for requiring compliance with federal nonprocurement debarment and suspension rules, as published in the November 18, 1988, issue of the NIH Guide, Vol. 17, No. 38 (see Enclosure 1).

Procedures are promulgated for-three categories of assistance: fellowships, traineeships, and other grants.

For individual fellowships, the applicant's signature on the face page of Form PHS 416-1 constitutes the certification of nondebarment status and no other signature is required. (For the certification language, see C& G Memo No. 88-19, 11/8/88.)

For individual traineeships (as opposed to institutional training grants under which traineeships are awarded), campuses will need to implement a procedure for making sure traineeships are not awarded to debarred or suspended individuals. Since self-certification is acceptable, it may be easiest to instruct prospective trainees that their written acceptance of the traineeship constitutes the required certification. An alternative would be to check the debarment list for each prospective trainee prior to making the award. There is no requirement to inform the agency concerning campus procedures, nor to forward certifications to the agency.

For grants awarded to the University, including training grants (as opposed to fellowships and traineeships awarded to individuals), the official authorized to sign for The Regents will, by signing the grant application, be making the required certification. For guidance on making this certification, please refer to C& G Memo No. 88-19.

Refer: Bill Sellers ATSS 8-582-3045 (415) 642-3045

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