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University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 88-7

March 31, 1988

Subject: Delegations and Redelegations of Contract and Grant Authority

On March 29, 1988, President Gardner issued a new delegation of authority to Chancellors which increased the level of execution authority with respect to contracts and grants from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 in direct costs in any one project year, in accordance with amended Standing Order 100.4(dd)(2). (See copy new delegation DA0957, Enclosure 1).

You will note that the new delegation combines and supersedes two previous delegations of contract and grant authority: DA0609-To Solicit, Accept, or Execute Certain Extramural Grants and Contracts, June 29, 1978 (Enclosure 2) and DA0516-State of California Standard Agreements, May 21, 1975 (Enclosure 3).

When revised delegations of contract and grant authority are issued to Chancellors either to supersede or to augment prior delegations, Chancellors may wish to update their redelegations to Contract and Grant Officers and other campus officials consistent with the updated authority. Accordingly, you may now wish to request an updated delegation from your Chancellor in order that your contract and grant authority will be current as well as consistent with the increased authority delegated to Chancellors under amended Standing Order 100.4(dd)(2).

In the event that you are asked to assist your Chancellor in drafting the revised redelegations of contract and grant authority for your campus, a model redelegation format is attached for guidance. (See Enclosure 4.) Please keep in mind that only the Chancellor has authority to redelegate contract or grant authority. Copies o redelegations must be sent to the Senior Vice President--Administration, the Director--Coordination and Review, and the General Counsel and the Secretary of The Regents.

Refer: Willie C. Archie

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Subject Index: 13

Organization Index U-115

Cancel: No. 32-79

Joseph A. Pastrone Associate Vice President

Business and Finance


cc: Chancellors

March 29, 1988

Delegation of Authority--To Solicit and Accept or Execute Certain Extramural Grants and Contracts

The authority granted to the President in Section 100.4(rid) (2) of the Standing Orders of The Regents was amended on September 18, 1987 to increase the President's execution authority with respect to contracts or grants from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 in direct costs in any one project year. The authority granted to the President in attached Standing Order 100.4 (dd) is delegated to you to the extent described. below, as it pertains to extramural grants and contracts for research, scholarly or professional training, or for public service programs relating either to research or to scholarly or professional training. For purposes of this delegation, the term grant includes grants from private sources, but excludes gifts as defined in the Policy Guidelines for Review of Gifts/Grants for Research issued by the President on July 8, 1980.

Within the scope of this delegation, you are authorized to solicit and accept or execute such grants and contracts, including the signing of related documents as necessary, except those grants, contracts, or related documents which:

a. contain provisions that fall within the restrictions and limitations set forth in Standing Order 100.4(dd); however, notwithstanding Standing Order 100.4(dd)(10), you may execute State of California Standard Agreements which include an indemnity clause under which the University assumes liability for the conduct of persons other than University personnel;

b. include an arrangement for indirect costs which changes the rates or the bases thereof as promulgated by the President;

c. will result in the acquisition of computer hardware, software, or systems engineering support requiring prior approval in accordance with Business and Finance Bulletin IS-8, Guidelines for Campus and Office of the President Acquisitions Involving Computing;

d. establish or modify programs within the Education Abroad Program; or

e. require approval by the President or designee pursuant to specific policy memoranda issued from time to time.

Campus procedures for preparation of proposals for extramural support and acceptance of grants or execution of contracts shall be in accordance with the University of California Contract and Grant Manual and with supplementary instructions which may be issued by the Office of the President.

A critical factor in processing contracts and grants is the review for legal sufficiency. Responsibility for accomplishing that review must be assigned specifically as a part of any redelegation by you. Attached is a copy of a pertinent Office of General Counsel memorandum dated March 27, 1974 which provides guidance on this particular point. Whenever there is any question as to whether a particular grant or contract requires legal review, General Counsel's advice shall be obtained.

This delegation is effective immediately and supersedes the June 29, 1978 letter to Chancellors delegating authority to solicit, accept, or execute certain extramural grants and contracts (DA 0609), and that portion of the May 21, 1975 delegation to Chancellors concerning State of California Standard Agreements (DA 0516). This authority may be redelegated to specific designees, but may not be further redelegated. Any redelegation shall be in writing, with copies to the Senior Vice President--Administration, the Director--Coordination and Review, and the General Counsel and the Secretary of The Regents.

David Pierpont Gardner



Laboratory Directors

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