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March 25, 1988

Subject: Contracts and Grants System: Updating Warning Messages Report

We have added a new quarterly report called the Update Warning Messages Report which lists awards for which the sponsor, contract/grant type, or project type changed between the record that is in the award data base and the quarterly file input. The data base goes back through Fiscal Year 1984-85. We have developed a composite of the quarterly update warning reports for the period FY85 Quarter 1 through FY88 Quarter 1, showing all awards which have changed on the three data elements and giving the history of the changes (Enclosure 1). We would like you to confirm that the last entry is correct. If the sponsor code, contract/grant type, or project type is, in fact, different from that last listed, you should submit an updated record for the award during the third or fourth quarter of this year.

In order of priority, we are most interested in correcting the sponsor code and would appreciate your effort to confirm and correct all awards showing a sponsor code change during the last three years as listed on the enclosed composite report. After the three year clean up is done, it should be manageable to keep up with the few changes shown on future quarterly Update Warning Messages Reports.

The Update Warning Reports (CGX 0410 for Awards and CGX 0420 for Proposals) will be distributed quarterly to those campuses showing changes during the quarterly data base update. If you do not receive such a report, it indicates that no changes occurred during the reporting cycle. Enclosure 2 is the FY88 Quarter 2 Update Warning Messages Reports.

Refer: Barbara Yoder

(415) 642-2886

ATSS 8-582-2886

Subject Index: 10, 19

Organization: U-115

Shirley Reaves

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ATSS 8-583-7637

David F. Mears

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