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University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 88-2

February 5, 1988

Subject: Revised Format of Sponsor Code Tables, Edits, and Campus Contract and Grant Reports

The corporate Contracts and grants information system (CGX) has been revised and improved. The revisions to the corporate system have been made without any changes being required to campus systems.

The improvements include creation of a computer accessible three year award data base, revisions to the sponsor code tables to simplify location and assignment of codes, new edit reports to improve accuracy of data, and reports to campuses reformatted to provide a summary of totals by sponsor on one page and listings of all secondary transactions related to a single award in one place.

During the second quarter FY88 reporting cycle, we will be operating our new system simultaneously with our old system, so that we are sure it works prior to total conversion to the new system for the third quarter. The following briefly summarizes the changes that you will notice as a result of the conversion.


The Sponsor Code Tables will be organized in three parts: Federal, State, and All Others, as compared to the existing groupings of Federal, State, U.C. System, Other Government, and Private Sponsors. Numbers between 0001 and 9999 not previously assigned a sponsor name will be used in new code assignments. In the new system, numbers will have no correlation to a sponsor type, i.e. Federal, State, Private, etc., as was the case in the current system. While the sponsor code number will be assigned randomly and not within pre-assigned ranges, the new organization of the Sponsor Code Table should make it easier to locate sponsors. The Federal and State sections will be organized in the same order as previously and the section for All Others will be in alphabetical order. Finally, to resolve the confusion caused by the previous location of various agricultural marketing order boards in both the State, Other Government, and Private sections, they now are listed in the All Others section preceded by California (name of market order) (i.e. California Cling Peach Advisory Board). We hope this format will avoid confusion and facilitate locating sponsor codes. We will also be distributing a Sponsor Code Table in sponsor code order.

For your convenience, another change is that sponsor code 9850 will now be used for reporting proposals to all miscellaneous County, Municipal, Foreign, and Private Sponsors. It will no longer be necessary to use a separate code assigned to each letter of the alphabet for the sponsors who as yet do not have a four-digit sponsor code. Please remember, however, that the miscellaneous code is only to be used for proposals. Awards are not to be reported under this miscellaneous code.


Three new edits have been added to improve data accuracy: 1) Invalid Fund Number

indicates that the fund number is not valid in the current Corporate Account Fund Profile. This will be a processed error, similar to the current edit which indicates invalid account number. 2) Sponsor Code Change indicates that during the quarter the same award number was entered showing a different sponsor code. In some cases, it may be that a general sponsor code was updated to a more specific sponsor code (such as 3401, NIH Miscellaneous, to the code for a specific NIH Institute). In other cases, it may indicate that a mistake is being made. The edit will show the award number, the previous sponsor code, and the revised sponsor code number. This also will be a processed error. 3) Sponsor Category Unknown (Category 99) is a processed error for the award data base and indicates that the sponsor code being used is either a miscellaneous sponsor code or a "Do Not Use" code. Awards are not to be reported under a miscellaneous code and a sponsor code for the agency must be assigned. As for a "Do Not Use" code, the Sponsor Code Table indicates the correct code to use.


The reports of campus award and proposal data that we have been mailing to you quarterly are being reformatted. First, the award totals for a sponsor will be listed and grouped in a separate section rather than intermingled in the listing of individual awards. Second, all transactions under an award number will be grouped in a single listing for the award rather than separately listed as stand alone award transactions.

Because we are listing awards and related transactions in a consolidated entry, it becomes more important to us that the campus follow the reporting requirements by assigning proposal and award numbers that are "unique and non-varying over time". Once an award has been reported under an award number, all future transactions must use the exact same award number, including the same spacing, capitalization, and punctuation marks. The practice of adding to the award number when reporting subsequent transactions under the same award, such as "Mod 1", or "-Sup 1", or "/02", must be discontinued. Finally, the award project type is that of the award, not of the individual transaction at hand.

In building our three year data base, we were greatly impressed with the general accuracy of the CGX data. We will appreciate your additional assistance and patience during the upcoming transition.

We plan to have orientation sessions at a southern California and a northern California location during the third quarter to further explain the modifications in the system. Again, there will be no changes in the data elements or format in which campuses submit CGX information to the Office of the President. We hope that you will find the new format of the Sponsor Code Table, edits, and campus proposal and award reports easier to use than the current system. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions or comments prior to our orientation sessions.

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