Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 87-40

November 18, 1987

Subject: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and Department of the Navy Reporting Instructions

The Department of the Navy, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) Division, in cooperation with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), has agreed to modify DARPA/SPAWAR 321, Reporting Instructions, by eliminating certain requirements stated in the form in a recent contract awarded to the Berkeley campus. DARPA/SPAWAR 321, Reporting Instructions, provides the guidelines for the preparation and submission of required reports. Enclosed is a copy of the DARPA/SPAWAR 321 as agreed to.

Two modifications were made on page five of the reporting instructions, both concerning the submission of technical reports: 1) the requirement to include

Form 1473: Report Documentation Page, with all technical reports was eliminated from the Technical Reports section. DD Form 1473 requests a security classification be designated for the technical report being submitted. 2) The following two paragraphs which deal with controlling the export of unclassified technical information by appropriate security classification markings in Section 4, Security, were eliminated:

The contract will cite and/or provide the appropriate security classification guide for the work being performed. Reports resulting from the program will be classified in accordance with the appropriate Security Classification Guide, DOD Regulation 5200.1-R, DOD Information Security Program Regulation, DOD Manual 5220.22M, Industrial Security Manual, and the DD Form 254, as applicable.

SPAWAR 613 will assume responsibility for the preparation and submission of the DD Form 754 for incorporation into the contract.

All technical reports must be marked with an appropriate distribution statement as required by Secretary of Defense Memo, dated October 18, 1983. Subject: Control of Unclassified Technology with Military Application.

In negotiating these changes to the DAPPA/SPAWAR 321, we suggested to the Contracting Officer at SPAWAR that the Department of Defense could mark our technical reports in any way they wanted and restrict the DOD's dissemination of the report, but that the University would not be subject to following their markings or procedures.

In negotiating future contracts with DOD containing DARPA/SPAWAR 321, or similar reporting requirements, campuses should attempt to secure the same modifications in the Technical Reports and Security sections as outlined in this memo.

Refer: Barbara Yoder

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David F. Mears

University Contracts and Grants Coordinator