Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 87-38

October 20, 1987

Subject: Materials on National Security Controls and University Research

Enclosed is the package of materials resulting from the Association of American Universities Project on National Security Controls and University Research. This is the package of materials referenced in the also enclosed copy of the memoranda from the Office of the Senior Vice President--Academic Affairs to the University Research Group indicating that this package of materials was being sent to each campus Contract and Grant Office.

Refer: Barbara Yoder

ATSS 8-582-2886

(415) 642-2886

Belle Cole

ATSS 8-582-4301

(415) 642-4301

Subject Index: 01, 11, 20

Organization Index: U-115, G-010

David F. Mears

University Contracts and Grants Coordinator

Enclosures (Distributed to Campus C& G Officers)

[See red binder labeled National Security Controls and University Research on shelf with Personnel Manuals in UCOP RAO library.]


October 9, 1987


Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to you about the package of materials on export controls that President Gardner received recently from AAU. understanding is that each campus received the same package. consists 0f:

a cover letter from the President of AAU, Bob Rosenzweig a brochure designed for research administrators and principal investigators a compilation of relevant source documents a book of readings a poster announcing the availability of this information

Several. of us in the President's office reviewed the material and believe that more than one set is needed per campus. This information will be extremely useful for you and for Contract and Grant offices. Therefore, we are sending under separate cover an additional package to your Contract and Grant office.



Director Sweet

Assistant Director Spitz

Coordinator Mears

Senior Administrative Analyst Lee

Campus Contract and Grant offices

Belle Cole