Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 87-5

March 6, 1987

Subject: Patent Clause Compendium

Enclosed is the Patent Clause Compendium (3/87) for use in accordance with the Contract and Grant Manual, Chapter 11, Intellectual Property and Related Matters, issued by Contract and Grant Circular 6, March 6, 1987.

It is inappropriate to let any sponsor know what another sponsor has accepted. Therefore, while the Patent Clause Compendium is a public document, and available upon request, DISTRIBUTION IS DISCOURAGED. You are encouraged to ask our office to mail a copy of the Patent Clause Compendium to any sponsor requesting it and we would appreciate your informing us of any sponsors to whom you provide a copy.

With the issuance of the patents sections of Chapter 11, and the Patent Clause Compendium, the following Contract and Grant Memos are hereby canceled:

18-70, I-3, 4/23/87, Patent Privileges to Private Sponsors of Research

13-71, I-3, 1/81/71, Patent Policy of American Heart Association

4-72, I-3, 8/17/71, Patent Obligations to Sponsors of Research

6-72, I-1, 8/19/71, Final Patent Certification - Project Agreements Under AEC Contract AT-34

11-73, I-1, 12/21/72, C& G Manual, Section 16-2, Relation of Private Support to Patent Rights

19-75, I-3, 5/12/75, M.I.U.S.C.: Memo dated 2/24/75 to Chancellors from Mark

Owens, Jr., regarding Guidelines for Special Applied Research Projects - Patent Funds

25-76, I-1, 4/16/76, Patent Provisions - USDI

20-76, I-4, 2/5/76, ASPR Patent Rights Provisions

18-76, I-1, 12/3/76, Patent Provisions - American Cancer Society

15-76, I-1, 12/9/75, ASPR Patent Rights Provisions

15-76, I-2, 12/9/75, M.I.U.S.C.: Memo dated November 25, 1975 to Hardy Dhillon from Patent Administrator regarding revised ASPR and FPR Patent Provisions

8-76, I-1 9/18/75

ASPR Patent Rights Provisions

7-77, I-3 11/15/76

Patent Policy - Nonprofit Sponsors

26-78 6/28/78

Patent Rights Clause in World Health

Organization (WHO) Proposals and Agreements

*5-78, I-1 11/2/77


Technicon Instruments Corporation Patent Policy

*5-78, I-i 8/11/77


Memo dated June 29, 1977 from S.A. Heidt to

William Gellman regarding Acceptance of University

Patent Provisions by National Easter Seals Society

of Crippled Children and Adults, Inc.

*Two different memos, same number different dates

34-79 4/5/79

Patent Rights Provisions - Geological Survey U.S. Department of Interior (USDI)

3-79 7/14/78

Patent Rights Clause in North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Agreements

Refer: Barbara Yoder

ATSS 8-582-2886

(415) 642-2886

Subject Index: 01, 11

Organization Index: F-020, F-150, F-622, L-001, S-001, P-001, P-005, P-900

David F. Mears

University Contracts and Grants Coordinator

Enclosure distributed to Contract and Grant Officers only (2 copies)