Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 87-4

March 4, 1987

Subject: Data on Proposals and Awards

The Contracts and Grants Office recently completed a broad review and report of the University of California's aggregate performance in obtaining extramural funds. The measures were the ratio of awards to proposals, percent of total federal funding available for research at universities and for research centers, and the University of California proportion of sponsorships to the top 100 research universities. The report is of particular value because it is comprehensive both in terms of the several year time period covered and the several measures used.

Included in the report is information on the award status of all proposals approved by The Regents during the period January, 1984 through September, 1986, as well as information on the total number and-dollar value of all proposals and awards for the period FY 82 through FY 86, including those submitted under campus authority and those authorized by The Regents. Information is also provided about the ranking of the University of California and its campuses compared to the top 100 Universities receiving the largest amount of federal obligations for research and development, as well as information about the University's performance in selected "Center" competitions sponsored by federal agencies.

We hope this report and its Tables are useful to you in assessing the University's performance in contract and grant activity and in responding to requests for information about the level of contract and grant awards.

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