Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 87-3

February 13, 1987

Subject: UC/EPRI Master Agreement - Subcontracts with Institutions Outside of California

Recently, a proposed out-of-state subcontractor with the Riverside campus under the UC/EPRI Master Agreement (C& G Memo 84-29) raised the issue of replacing California as the governing law state in Article 16. The subcontractor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University wanted to substitute the State of Virginia for California in this clause.

The EPRI Contracts Manager agreed that the reference to "California" in this Article may be changed to the appropriate state in which the subcontracting institution is located, which, in this case, is Virginia. If the issue is not raised by the subcontractor, the subcontract should reference the State of California. No other language in the Master Agreement may be changed in a subagreement without approval from both the EPRI Manager of Contract Negotiations and our office.

Subagreements which fall under the criteria outlined in Article 14, "Assignment; Subcontracting," must have the EPRI project manager's consent.

Refer: Samuela A. Evans ATSS: 582-1654 (415) 642-1654

Subject Index: 22

Organization Index: P-050

David F. Mears

University Contracts and Grants