Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 86-31

November 5, 1986

Subject: 1985-86 Contract and Grant Awards

Enclosed are the following summaries of contract and grant awards for the period July 1, 1985 through June 30, 1986, as derived from the contract and grant award data system maintained by our office:

Table 1: Summary Report of Contract and Grant Awards (excludes private grants)

Table 2: Report of All Contract and Grant Awards by Sponsor Type (includes private grants)

Table 3: Awards from Commercial Sponsors and Commercial Related Sponsors

We hope these tables are useful to you in assessing the relative performance in contract and grant activity among the campuses and in responding to requests for information about the level of contract and grant awards.

Refer: Barbara Yoder

ATSS 8-582-2886

(415) 642-2886

Subject Index: 10,19

Organization Index: U-115

David F. Mears

University Contracts

and Grants Coordinator

Enclosures (Distributed to Contract

and Grant Officers Only)