Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 85-27

Supplement 2

March 7, 1990

Subject: Certification of Overhead Costs in Department of Defense Contracts

This Supplement transmits the current certifications of overhead costs to be reimbursed under DoD contracts in accordance with the procedures developed for implementing this certification requirement. (See C& G Memo No. 85-27, dated September 12, 1985.) A copy of the certification for your campus is enclosed.

No additional certification should be made by any campus personnel beyond that already signed by the Associate Vice President--Business and Finance, now the University Controller. The University Controller is the officer of the University designated to make this certification on behalf of campuses. If Contracts and Grants Officers are given certification forms to sign by DoD representatives, reference should be made either on the form or in a transmittal letter to the date the certification was signed for your campus.

Refer: Samuela Evans ATSS 8-582-3045 (415) 642-3045

Subject Index: 06, 08

Organization Index: F-175

David F. Mears


Research Administration Office



Kip Meader, w/o enclosure

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