Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 84-4

February 8, 1984

Subject: University-Industry Brochure

Enclosed is a copy of the recently completed brochure Research Agreements, University of California, A Guide for Industry. It provides a general summary of the conditions of research agreements with the University.

The need for such a brochure was identified in the Report of the UC-Industry Project, a collaborative report prepared by the Offices of the Senior Vice President;-Academic Affairs, the Senior Vice President--Administration, and appropriate counterparts on each campus. The brochure was developed by the Office of Contracts and Grants, with continued input from these parties. The brochure summarizes existing policies governing both academic and administrative matters.

Supplies of the brochure have been made available to each campus contract and grant office. Additional copies of the brochure for use by Office of the President staff can be obtained from the Office of Contracts and Grants, 491 University Hall, 642-2592.

Refer: Barbara Yoder

ATSS 8-582-3045

(415) 642-3045

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Organization Index: U-115



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David F. Mears

University Contracts and Grants Coordinator