Research Administration Office

University of California

Memo Operating Guidance

No. 82-36, Supplement No. 2

January 3, 1990

Subject: Office of. Management and Budget Circular A-125, "Prompt Payment"

Enclosed is a revised version of Circular A-125, Prompt Payment, dated December 12, 1989. This enclosure replaces Enclosure 2 to C& G Memo 82-36 (September 13, 1982).

This 1989 revision makes changes in the Circular, primarily with respect to interest charges, that should have minimal impact on the University. No substantive changes have been made in the requirements for a proper invoice (5.b.).

Except for the change in Enclosure 2, the operating guidance in C& G Memo 82-36 continues as current policy. Supplement No. 1 to C& G Memo 82-36, which transmitted a 1987 revision of the Circular, is hereby canceled.

Refer: Bill Sellers

ATSS 8-582-1638

(415) 642-1638

Subject: 02 , 06

Organization: F-005

Cancel: 82-36 Suppl. No. 1

David F. Mears


Office of Research Administration

Enclosure [not scanned]


Don Alter

Accounting Officers