Research Administration Office

University of California

C& G Memo 7-78(B)

January 17, 1978

To: Contract and Grant Officers

From: Richard D. Wolfe

Subject: Pre-award Reviews of Compliance with Executive Order 11246

Date: December 22, 1977

Refer: W. Archie, 2-2593


Affirmative Action

Equal Opportunity

Vice President-Business & Finance

December 22, I977


The University has been advised by Office for Civil Rights, DHEW Region IX, San Francisco, that 0CR is being asked by sponsors to perform pre-award reviews of compliance with Executive Order 11246 (in accordance with Revised Order 14, 0FCC) whenever (1) a contract award of $1,000,000 or more is made, or (as a new variation), (2) whenever total contract cumulative funding of renewal/continuation awards for the same contract exceeds $1 million.

To permit better planning and a more deliberate compliance review schedule (and to prevent loss of an award), we suggest you review your files to ascertain the earliest time you expect you may receive an award in either of the above categories, and notify your Affirmative Action Coordinator with a copy to this office. A successful "compliance review is good" for two years.

cc: Chancellors

Assistant Vice President Strong

Richard D. Wolfe

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