Research Administration Office

University of California

C& G Memo 22-73

June 15, 1973

I-3. Environmental Protection Agency - Contracts

Within recent weeks the Riverside and Santa Cruz campuses have each referred to this office a set of proposed contract documents for which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required University acceptance at the time of proposal submission. The related requests for proposals came from two different EPA offices; the contents of the two were similar but not identical. Included in each set of contract documents were:

(1) A version of HEW-315, General Provisions (Negotiated Cost Reimbursement Contracts) with alterations;

(2) Financial and Organizational Information (a questionnaire concerning the contractor to be completed and returned with the proposal);

(3) Representations, Certifications, and Acknowledgments (a form to be executed by an authorized official of the contractor and returned as part of the proposal);

(4) EPA's Guide for Preparation of Contractor's Claims for Reimbursement of Costs, to be incorporated into the contract;

(5) EPA's Final Report Specifications for Grant, Contract and In-house Projects, to be incorporated into the contract.

It was necessary to negotiate changes in certain of the proposed General Provisions in order to bring them into consonance with University policy. Following negotiations, modifications were made in the provisions, including:

No. 12 Rights in Data (Publication)

No. 20 Patent Rights

No. 25 Insurance

No. 27 Negotiated Overhead Rates

No. 29 Government Property

Changes or deletions were also made in the Representations, Certifications, and Acknowledgments before execution on behalf of The Regents. These changes were necessary to remove obsolete items or to bring consistency with the proposed contract provisions, and were generally accepted without question by EPA.

Further details, including copies of the contracts as executed, are available upon request from this office. Campuses receiving EPA requests for proposals in the format described above should base their responses upon the above two completed negotiations.

Refer: Peggy Klenz 2-2591

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