Research Administration Office

University of California


No. 14-71

The University of California

Office of the Vice President--Business and Finance

February 9, 1971

Use of the Word 'Center' in Proposals and Awards

On February 1 Vice President Angus E. Taylor sent the following memorandum to Chancellors:

"The National Institutes of Health and other agencies are establishing a series of Specialized Centers of Research throughout the country. University policy reserves the term "Center" for a duly authorized Organized Research Unit that has been subjected to extensive academic and

reported to The Regents.

However, if the proposal is for the establishment of one of the Specialized Centers of Research and the grant award is predicated on uniform nomenclature, an exception to University policy may be made. In such a case (1) the name or initials of the sponsoring agency should be included in the project title (e.g., "NICHE Center for Population Research," "NHLI Center for Research on Arteriosclerosis") and (2) the proposal should state that the term "Center" is used in conformity with the sponsor's nomenclature and does not imply University approval of an Organized Research Unit."

Refer: Gerry Griffin 2-2885