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Research Administration Office


No. 03-07,


Supplement 1

June 07, 2004





Subject:   Californian Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit Cooperative and Joint Venture Agreement -

                  New Indirect Cost Rate


This Supplement to Operating Guidance Memo No. 03-07 modifies the implementation instructions in

regards to the indirect cost rate limit for the subject Agreement.  For any Modification or Task Order

fully executed on or after May 1, 2004, the maximum allowable indirect costs rate is 17.5% of the total

direct costs minus subcontracts.  Indirect costs waiver no. 02R-150 has been accordingly modified. 

All other instructions remain the same.


Additional information about the CESU can be found on-line at  Questions

regarding the California CESU may be directed to the California CESU Administrative Office at

UC Berkeley College of Natural Resources, Barbara Lane, (510) 643-2203.




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