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No. 03-04

June 12, 2003




Subject:  United States – Israel Binational Science Foundation Grant Terms


The United States – Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF) negotiated modifications to its research grant agreement terms

with the University of California over a year ago.  While some of these negotiated changes were incorporated in the BSF 2002 research

grant agreement, a couple may still need to be added individually and initialed.  Attached to this memo is a copy of a 2002 BSF research

grant agreement which incorporates most of the changes agreed to in our negotiations.  Both the changes which have been incorporated

in theBSF 2002 agreement and ones that need to be added individually and initialed are described below. 




In Section 1., Principal Obligations and Rights of the Grantee, subparagraph (i), in the last sentence, the word “Grantee’s” is now added

to the end of the sentence:  “….which may result from the GRANTEE’S implementation of the Research Project.”  The addition of this

word properly limits the grantee’s liability to its actions under the funded project.




A 30-day advance notice requirement may be added to section 4, the termination provision, so that the paragraph would begin with:


By giving of 30 days advance notice in writing by either Party, the FOUNDATION shall be entitled….”





This clause has been modified by BSF in its 2002 grant agreement to transfer title to equipment to the grantee.  It now reads:


All permanent equipment purchased with grant funds shall be the property of the FOUNDATION.  At the termination of the

Agreement, title to equipment purchased under this Agreement shall transfer to Grantee.




The first sentence of subparagraph (b) was partially modified in the 2002 BSF grant agreement to clarify that it applies to copyrights

“…produced in the performance of work under this grant”.  However, a second change, deleting “…or anyone else…”, must still be made

by hand and initialed.


(b)…………….in performance of the work under this grant.  The GRANTEE agrees that it or anyone else owns copyright in a

writing, ………….”




The patent rights set forth in Section 7., Communication of Information, are discussed on the Office of Technology Transfer website

under Operational Tools in the “Non-Profit Patent Policy Guidance” section.  Campus Contract and Grant Officers can review the

guidance on the BSF patent terms on that website.


Refer: Samuela A. Evans (510) 987-9849  

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David Mears

Director, Research Administration