Haggai Hisgilov

Executive Director

Haggai HisgilovHaggai Hisgilov is Executive Director, Procurement Services for the University of California at the Office of the President. In this capacity, Haggai works with Materiel Managers at each campus and medical center to lead the University Strategic Sourcing Initiative designed as a comprehensive program to achieve significant cost savings by leveraging UC buying power through strategic supplier alliances, creating efficient procurement processes, and building internal infrastructure that can sustain the program and drive continuous improvement. Haggai is also responsible for developing and implementing the overall purchasing policies, strategies and direction for the Office of the President and the entire UC System.

Haggai has more than 20 years of experience in Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Management in private and public sectors. Prior to joining the Office of the President in 2005, he worked at UCLA creating a strategic sourcing program, which was first of its class in a public university system. The success of the UCLA strategic sourcing program was a key factor in the creation of the University of California Strategic Sourcing Initiative. Haggai has a BS degree in Economics from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.