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Carbon Neutrality Initiative

In November 2013, President Janet Napolitano announced the Carbon Neutrality Initiative, which commits UC to emitting net zero greenhouse gases from its buildings and vehicle fleet by 2025, something no other major university system has done.

The initiative builds on UC's pioneering work on climate research and furthers its leadership on sustainable business practices. UC is improving its energy efficiency, developing new sources of renewable energy and enacting a range of related strategies to cut carbon emissions.

Global Food Initiative

UC is harnessing its resources to address one of the critical issues of our time: How to sustainably and nutritiously feed a world population expected to reach eight billion by 2025.

Selected portfolio of SPMO initiatives completed and under way

Initiative Sponsor
Budget Framework Seth Grossman
Retirement Options Rachael Nava
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Christine Gulbranson
Global Food Initiative Seth Grossman
Carbon Neutrality Initiative David Phillips
UCPath OP Go-live Nathan Brostrom/Rachael Nava

Strategic Planning

Assignment Sponsor
CFO Strategic Plan Nathan Brastrom
COO Strategic Plan Rachael Nava
ANR Strategic Plan Glenda Humiston