UCLA Sunset Village

January 30 - 31, 1997

The President's Retreat on the University of California's Relationships With Industry In Research and Technology Transfer was an internal meeting that provided an opportunity for senior University of California (UC) management and faculty leaders, with input from a small number of carefully selected industry representatives, to thoughtfully and candidly assess current UC interactions with industry and to consider changes in programs, policy or structure that could improve research and technology transfer relationships while supporting the University's mission and core values. More specifically, the Retreat provided an opportunity to:

1.   Review the existing structure and principles that govern UC relationships with industry as they pertain to the funding of research and the licensing of research results for the public benefit.

2.   Explore the opportunities and risks to the University associated with current and potential interactions with industry.

3.   Consider possible new strategies and directions for the future of University/industry relationships.

Because of the importance of these issues, the President extended Retreat invitations to the Chancellors and Laboratory Directors, Research Vice Chancellors, the Chair and Vice Chair of the Academic Council, the Chairs of the University Committees on Research Policy (UCORP) and Planning and Budget (UCPB), selected deans and key faculty from relevant fields, members of the Technology Transfer Advisory Committee (TTAC), campus Contract and Grant Officers and Patent Coordinators, and selected senior management and staff from the Office of the President. In addition, Academic Council Chair Mellichamp was requested to ask the Committee on Committees from each of the nine campuses to name a representative to attend the Retreat. A small number of trusted industry advisors from various industrial sectors were asked to participate as well.

Much of the work of the Retreat was carried out in nine Advisory Groups that convened several times over the two-day meeting. Each group was asked to consider a focused topic and to develop guidance and recommendations concerning future policies and organizational practice related to the assigned area. These groups considered existing principles that currently guide UC research and technology transfer activities. They also considered areas of risk and what values should guide activities into the future. Shortly after the conclusion of the Retreat, reports from each Advisory Group were submitted for consideration and action. These Advisory group reports, together with papers presented by distinguished UC Faculty and guests, have now been published as the Proceedings of the President's Retreat.

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