Registering My Choice

If you have already been paid royalties for an invention disclosed after October 1, 1997 and you are eligible to make a choice you should have received a letter from us. If you did not receive a letter and election form and you think you should have, please contact us.

If you are an eligible inventor who has not yet been paid royalties, you will be contacted before your first royalty distribution payment is made. The letter sent to inventors who may need adjustments contains an election form. If you want your cases to continue to be covered by the Current Policy, we ask that you sign and date the Election of Current Policy Form and return it as soon as possible in the stamped, self-addressed envelope provided. If we do not hear from you by May 20, 2003, your cases automatically will be reverted to the Old Policy.

Can I Change My Choice After I Have Registered?

No. Once you have elected which royalty distribution formula you wish to have applied to your inventor share income, you make not change that election.

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