The University of California has changed the implementation of inventor share policy. The Current (1997) Policy is still in effect. However, some long-term UC employees will be given the opportunity to choose whether they would like to have inventions administered under the Old (1963/85) Policy or under the Current one.

The date of disclosure has previously been the key to determining whether an invention fell under the Old Policy or the Current one. If you disclosed your invention on or after October 1, 1997, and have received royalties from it, those royalties were calculated according to the Current Policy. With the new implementation of policy, both the disclosure date of the invention and the hire date of the inventor will determine which policy is applicable. If you disclosed on or after October 1, 1997 but were hired before April 16, 1990 you will have the opportunity to make a choice between the two policies. Inventions disclosed before October 1, 1997 are unaffected by the change.

More details on who will be offered a choice can be found by following the link. The choice is a one time, irrevocable decision that will affect the distribution of royalties from all your inventions disclosed after October 1, 1997. This website is designed to provide you with the most complete information possible in order to make that decision.

A summary of differences in the policies is available as well as the full text of the policies. Please review policy differences in both the royalties paid and the money paid to campuses for support of further research. While the percentage of royalties paid to the inventor is larger under the Old Policy, there are subtle differences in calculations that may result in some inventors receiving smaller royalties if they choose to be administered under the Old Policy. Sample calculations illustrating this point are offered.

Choosing to have all your cases administered under the Old Policy may result in an adjustment to your royalty account with the University. For inventors who are due an adjustment, we will provide details.

Please read the "frequently asked questions" . If you cannot find the answer to your concerns on this website, contact us at the Office of Technology Transfer.

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