Who Will Be Affected By the Change?

If you meet the criteria below, you will be given the opportunity to choose between the Old (1963/85) and Current (1997) Policies:

(If you don't meet these criteria, you will be unaffected by this change in policy implementation.)

Why April 16, 1990?

When you were hired at the University of California you signed a Patent Agreement/Acknowledgement form. The text of this form changed on April 16, 1990. Inventors who signed the patent acknowledgement after this date agreed to abide by subsequent changes to the Universityís inventor share policy. In contrast, the earlier Patent Agreement/Acknowledgement was silent on this point. Therefore if you have not signed the new form, the University will provide a one-time opportunity for you to elect to have your inventions administered under the Old Policy. Some inventors have left the University and then were hired back. It is University policy for employees to sign a Patent Agreement/Acknowledgement upon re-hiring. We have used your most recent date of hire to determine whether you are eligible for a choice.

Our Records

To evaluate whether you will be offered a choice of policies, we have made every effort to obtain hire and re-hire dates for inventors who have disclosed an invention after October 1, 1997. If we have identified you as an inventor who meets the above criteria and you have already received a royalty check which was calculated under the Current Policy, you will be notified by mail. Please contact us with verification of your hire date(s) if you feel you should have been notified and were not.

If you fall into the group of inventors who will be offered a choice, but your invention has not yet generated income, you will be asked to make a choice of policies before you receive your first royalty check.

If We Donít Hear Back From You

If we request your election of a policy, but we do not receive written notification of your choice by May 20, 2003, you will be reverted automatically to the Old Policy.

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