Industry Sponsored Research

By investing in the work of research universities, industry can tap into an incredible wealth of intellect and innovation — and be part of the process of creating the next generation of creators and bringing their creations out to the world.”
-- Robert C. Dynes, President of the University of California

Industry-sponsored projects can be supported either by an individual company or by a consortium using the following award mechanisms:

  • Research Contracts define a scope of work carried out solely by UC (possibly with subcontractors) and may provide sponsor access to resulting inventions and research results within the project scope and term.
  • Clinical trials involve testing of sponsor-owned drugs or devices using the sponsor’s protocol, with rights to results and often technology improvements accruing to the sponsor.
  • Gifts are irrevocable donations to general or specific areas of campus activity that carry no obligations for deliverables or rights to results. UC may provide a courtesy report to the sponsor indicating what was accomplished with the funds.

Each industry-sponsored project is led by a University Principal Investigator (PI) who guides the research, shapes the resulting technology, and is responsible for the scientific coordination with the sponsoring company.

For more information on research that is being done at UC, please visit the UC Office of Research Research Information Links at

Companies can find additional information on research collaborations by contacting the technology transfer offices in the UC Contacts section of this CD.

About UC Discovery Grants

UC Discovery Grants help California R&D companies and University of California researchers build cooperative research projects. Companies report that UC Discovery Grants enable them to perform research they could not have undertaken in-house, and young companies say the grants help them raise money from investors. UC Discovery Grants are matching grants awarded by the Industry-University Cooperative Research Program with state and university funding to leverage industry investments in UC research — effectively forming a three-way research partnership between UC, industry, and the State of California.

UC Discovery Grants invest in five fields that drive the competitiveness of California's economy: biotechnology; communications and networking; digital media; electronics manufacturing and new materials; and information technology for life sciences. The program has an impressive track record: over $220 million in joint funding for more than 600 research partnerships, to date. More than 400 companies and more than 600 faculty have already participated. For more information, visit: