Access to University Resources
    Tangible Research Materials

UC faculty may share their tangible research products (TRPs) with companies, just as companies may share their own TRPs with UC faculty and researchers. The exchange of such materials is governed by material transfer agreements (MTAs). MTAs cover non-commercial research, evaluation, and testing related to the materials. These agreements usually impose restrictions on further distribution and disposition of the research product.

For further discussion of appropriate terms in MTAs see the COGR Q&A brochure (

Accessing Facilities, Equipment, and Instrumentation

Under certain circumstances, when there is no easily available commercial source, organizations or individuals outside the university community (faculty, staff, students) may have an opportunity to access non-research services, equipment, or instrumentation. When a campus unit wishes to render a non-research service or provide goods to a user outside the University, a Sales and Service Agreement is required. Sales and Service Agreements should not be used to carry out research relationships.

Scientists Visiting from Outside UC

Anyone using UC facilities or anyone paid by UC-administered funds (internal or external source) must sign the UC Patent Acknowledgement and agree to assign to UC any inventions made with UC resources. Contact the local campus or lab office if there are questions or exceptional circumstances.