UC System-Wide Technology Transfer Forum on
... Nanotechnology

Hyatt Regency, Burlingame, CA
April 13, 2007

This forum focused on emerging research, campus initiatives, and specific collaboration and business opportunities related to nanotechnology from across the ten campuses and three national laboratories of the UC system.

This page contains the presentations of the speakers and related information. We hope you enjoyed this event and will participate in future forums.

Agenda (pdf)

Forum Attendees (pdf)
Participant Biographies


Bill Tucker, Executive Director
Research Administration and Technology Transfer
UC Office of the President

Patrick Soon-Shiong
Chairman and CEO Abraxis Bioscience, Inc.
“The Convergence of Biomedicine & Nanotechnology: Next Generation Medical Care”


Roger W. Werne, Ph.D.
Chief Technologist for Industrial Partnerships
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
"Nanotechnology at LLNL: First Principles to Finished Products" (pdf)

Marc Madou, Ph.D.
Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
University of California, Irvine
“From Carbon–MEMS to Carbon-NEMS” (pdf)

Yushan Yan, Ph.D.
Professor and University Scholar, Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering
University of California, Riverside
“Nanotechnology for Cheaper and More Durable Fuel Cells” (pdf)

Thomas G. Mason, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and John McTague Chair of Chemistry
University of California, Los Angeles
“Colloidal Alphabet Soup: High-Throughput Production of Shape-Designed LithoParticles” (pdf)

James K. Gimzewski, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of California, Los Angeles
“Nanotechnology and the Future” (pdf)

Valerie J. Leppert, Ph.D.
Director, Foster Family Center for Engineering Service Learning
University of California, Merced
“Nanotechnology at UC’s Newest Campus”

Alex Zettl, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Professor, Department of Physics
University of California, Berkeley
"Exploiting Nanostructures for Sensing and Energy Conversion Applications"

Andrew Cleland, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics
University of California, Santa Barbara
“Nanoelectronic Technology for Bioscience”


Michael J. Heller, Ph.D.
Professor, Department Bioengineering/ECE
University of California, San Diego
“Challenges and Opportunities in Bionanotechnology” (pdf)

Tejal Desai, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Physiology and Division of Bioengineering
University of California, San Francisco
“Nanostructured Interfaces for Therapeutic Delivery” (pdf)

Abraham “Abe” Lee, Ph. D.
Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of California, Irvine
“Novel Microfluidic Devices for Health Monitoring and Advanced Therapeutics” (pdf)

Song Li, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering
University of California, Berkeley
“Nanofibers for Regenerative Medicine”

Massoud Akhtari, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Neurophsychiatric Institutes
University of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine
“MagnetoNanoparticles (MNP) in Diagnosis and Therapy of Disease”

Sadik Esener, Ph.D.
Director, Nano Tumor Center of Excellence for Cancer Nanotechnology
University of California, San Diego
“Photonics and Nanotechnology for Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics”

Angelique Louie, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of California, Davis
"Luminescent/Paramagnetic Quantum Dots for Multimodal Imaging” (pdf)

“Partnering Nanotechnologies”
Hosted by Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
-Kenneth A. Clark (Moderator), Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
-Daniel I. Rubin, Alloy Ventures
-Daniel T. Colbert, CTO, NGEN Partners
-Don R. Kania, President and CEO, FEI Company

“The Journey From Nanotech Start-Up To Macro-Sized Company”
Hosted by ARCH Venture Partners
-Clinton Bybee (Moderator), Co-Founder and Managing Director of ARCH Venture Partners
-Calvin Chow, Co-Founder and CEO of Nanosys
-Daniel Leff, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Harris & Harris Group

Additional Information
Office of Technology Transfer 2005 Annual Report(pdf)
Nanotechnology Research at UC
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UC Resources
Forum Sponsors (pdf)

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