UC System-Wide Technology Transfer Forum on
... Clean Technology

Hyatt Regency, Burlingame, CA
April 3, 2008

On April 3, the University of California Office of Technology Transfer, in partnership with the Canadian Consulates in California, hosted a forum on emerging research and specific business opportunities related to clean technology. This event brought the venture capital community and company representatives together with leading UC administrators and faculty and their Canadian counterparts to better understand how to work together to license inventions and form companies arising from university clean technology research. It featured speakers from UC and Canadian campuses working in this area. Below you will find the presentations of the speakers and related information.

This collaboration between UC and the Canadian Consulates in California arose from the Canada-California Strategic Innovation Partnership (CCSIP), an on-going initiative between the governments of California and Canada to promote cooperation in various innovation-intensive areas.

We hope you enjoyed this event and will participate in future forums.

Agenda (pdf)

Attendees (pdf)
Speaker Biographies (pdf)
Sponsors (pdf)

Speeches & Panel Discussions
Steven V.W. Beckwith
Vice President, Research and Graduate Studies
University of California Office of the President

Marc LePage
Consul General of Canada

“Regional Initiatives and Research Emphases in Clean Tech”
-Barry M. Klein (Moderator), Vice Chancellor for Research
University of California, Davis
-Rick Whittaker, Vice President, Investments
Sustainable Development Technology Canada
-Christopher Somerville, Director
Energy Bioscience Institute
-Sean Randolph, President & CEO
Bay Area Economic Forum
-Robert Cattolica, Associate Director
Center for Energy Research
University of California, San Diego;
Principal Investigator
UC Discovery/West Biofuels-Biomass to Renewable Fuels Project
-Jack N. Saddler, Dean, Faculty of Forestry
University of British Columbia

“Angel and Venture Investment Strategies: Perspectives on the Role of Investment in Sustaining and Accelerating Innovation in Clean Tech”
-Sergio Garcia (Moderator), Partner
Fenwick & West
-Chris Vargas, Managing Director
CleanTech Circle, The Angels Forum
-William Reichert, Managing Director
Garage Technology Ventures
-Marianne Wu, Partner
Mohr, Davidow Ventures
-Rachel Sheinbein, Clean Tech Committee
Keiretsu Forum

“Impacts and Drivers in Clean Tech: Perspectives From Various Industrial Sectors”
-David Baker (Moderator)
San Francisco Chronicle
-Christopher Somerville, Director
Energy Bioscience Institute
-John Voltz, Principal
-Gregory S. Curhan, President
Merriman Curhan Ford & Co.
-Odd Bres, Senior Technology Manager
University of Manitoba
-Blake A. Simmons, Vice President for Deconstruction
Joint BioEnergy Institute

Presentations at Breakout Sessions
Dave Ghosh
Director, Science and Technology
National Research Council, Canada
"Overview of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells R & D Activities at NRC" (pdf)

Zuhair A. Munir
Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences
University of California, Davis
"Prospects for Low Temperature Fuel Cells and Other Hydrogen Devices" (pdf)

Steven Bergens
Professor, Department of Chemistry
University of Alberta
"Use of Magnetic Resonance Microscopy to Image Water in Operating Fuel Cells" (pdf)

Roland Winston
Presidential Chair/Professor, Natural Sciences and Engineering
University of California, Merced
"State of Art Solar Collectors" (pdf)

Farid Bensebaa
Research Officer and Adjunct Professor
National Research Council, Canada/University of Ottawa
"A New Scalable and Cheap Three Step Fabrication Process of Photovoltaic CIGS"

Charles L. Bennett
Physicist, Global Security Directorate
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
"Distributed Solar Thermal Power and the Path to Affordable Sustainable Power" (pdf)

James C. Liao
Chancellor's Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
University of California, Los Angeles
"Next Generation Biofuels"

Steven Liss
Associate Vice President, Research
University of Guelph
"Biomass/Cellulosic Energy Research at Guelph" (pdf)

Anastasios Melis
Professor, Department of Plant and Microbial Biology
University of California, Berkeley
"Microalgal Biofuels: Hydrogen and Hydrocarbons" (pdf)

Adrian Tsang
Professor, Department of Biology
University of Concordia
"Diversity Search for Biomass-Degrading Enzymes" (pdf)

Joseph M. Norbeck
Director, Environmental Research Institute
University of California, Riverside
"Production of Synthetic Fuels from Carbonaceous Matter Using Steam Hydrogasification" (pdf)

Jean VanderGheynst
Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering
University of California, Davis
"The Future of Microalgae in Clean Technologies" (pdf)

Martin Reaney
Professor, College of Agriculture and Bioresources
University of Sakatchewan
"Business Opportunities: Co-Products, Lubricity Factors and Biodiesel Production"

G. Wesley Hatfield
Professor, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics
University of California, Irvine
"Optimized Biochemical Pathways for Ethanol Production in Yeast" (pdf)

Dimitre Karamanev
Professor, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
University of Western Ontario
"Biogenerator Technology"

Donald Smith
Chair, Plant Science Department
McGill University
"Sustainable Crop and Biofuel Innovation Program at McGill"(pdf)

Michel Labrecque
Professor, Institut de Recherche en Biologie Végétale
Université de Montréal
"Developing Willow Biomass Crop for Bioenergy and Bioproducts in Canada" (pdf)

Amit Kumar
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Alberta
"Pipelining Biomass to a Biorefinery" (pdf)

Arunava Majumdar
Director, Environmental Energy Technologies Division/Faculty Scientist, Materials Science Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
"Curbing the Demand-The Lowest Hanging Fruit in Clean Energy Technology"

Daniel Mumm
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
University of California, Irvine
"Advances in Materials for Clean Energy Systrems"

Jan B. Talbot
Director, Chemical Engineering Program/Professor, Department of Nanoengineering
University of California, San Diego
"Green Chemical Processing for High-Tech Industries" (pdf)

Yoram Cohen
Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering
University of California, Los Angeles
"Smart Water Systems: Monitoring, Process Control, Membranes, and Nanotechnology for Advanced Water Treatment and Desalination"

Eric Bibeau
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
University of Manitoba
"New Technologies to Increase the Renewable Energy Ratio" (pdf)

Sue A. Carter
Associate Professor, Physics Department
University of California, Santa Cruz
"Clean Technology at University of California, Santa Cruz"

Additional Information
UC Available Technologies
UC Resources for Industry
UC Office of Technology Transfer 2007 Annual Report (pdf)
UC Discovery Grant Presentation(pdf)
Natural Resources Canada Presentation(pdf) , Geoff Murphy, Manager, Business Development & Marketing, Natural Resources Canada

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