System-Wide Technology Transfer Forum

Cardiovascular Disease

Hyatt Regency
Burlingame, California

May 22 , 2006

On May 22, the University of California Office of Technology Transfer hosted a forum on emerging research and specific business opportunities related to cardiovascular disease from across the UC system. The goal of this forum was to bring the venture capital community and company representatives together with leading UC administrators and faculty to better understand how to work together to license UC inventions and form companies based on UC technologies. This event included speakers from the six UC campuses doing intensive cardiovascular research.

This Web page contains the presentations of the speakers and related information. We hope you enjoyed this event and will participate in future forums.

Forum Attendees (pdf)
Participant Biographies (pdf)

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Biotech 2006-A Life Sciences Industry Update (ppt)
G. Steven Burrill, Chief Executive Officer, Burrill & Company

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Cardiovascular Research at UCSD (pdf)
Kirk U. Knowlton, M.D., Chief, Division of Cardiology, UC San Diego

Discovery and Therapeutic Strategies for Heart Disease (pdf)
Deepak Srivastava, M.D., Director, Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Initiatives at UC Irvine
Jagat Narula, M.D., D.M., Ph.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.H.A., Associate Dean, Chief of Cardiology, UC Irvine

Research Initiatives at UC Berkeley (pdf)
Michael Marletta, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Chemistry, UC Berkeley

Cardiovascular Research at UCLA
Warren S. Grundfest, M.D., Professor, School of Engineering and School of Surgery, UCLA

Cardiovascular Research Initiatives at UC Davis (pdf)
Ann Bonham, Ph.D., Executive Associate Dean, Research and Education School of Medicine, UC Davis

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Office of Technology Transfer 2004 Annual Report (pdf)


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