User Confidentiality Agreement

Because of the proprietary nature of some of the information included in these pages, OTT will make access available through password protection for those University individuals who require access to such information in carrying out the responsibilities of their University work. Authorized users must maintain the confidentiality of this information as outlined in the enclosed User Confidentiality Agreement and shall not distribute their password or user id to any other individual.

If you require a password, please fill out and execute the Agreement below and return it to Mitchel Foote Jr., either by email, or by fax at (510) 987-9456. A temporary password and user id for accessing these proprietary areas will be sent after completion and submission of the User Confidentiality Agreement. At the time the password protected areas are accessed, the temporary password must be changed to a permanent password of 6 characters or more.

If you experience any difficulties, please let us know. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact Mitchel Foote Jr. at (510) 587-6031 or . User Confidentiality Agreement