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  Office of the President News UC NewsWire Atkinson's biography Text of the Speech Questions and Answers about.html Other Resources Press Release Recently, I proposed to the faculty of the University of California that UC alter its use of standardized tests in the admissions process.

Specifically, I proposed that UC no longer require students to take the SAT I. In its place, the university would continue to require applicants to submit scores from three SAT II tests - in writing, math and a subject of the student's choice. Over the longer term, UC would seek the development of new standardized tests more closely tied to the state's high school curriculum and performance standards than any of the existing SAT exams.

You may have seen media coverage of this issue recently. I want to be clear, however, that my proposal is simply that - a proposal. The university today continues to require the SAT I, or the ACT, for freshman applicants.

Students thinking of applying to UC in the coming years should continue planning to take the SAT I or ACT, along with the three SAT II tests. If and when the university makes any changes in its admissions criteria, those changes will be widely publicized. This proposal will be reviewed by UC's Academic Senate and the Board of Regents, a process expected to take many months. To read more about the proposal and to keep track of its status, you may find the following Web site useful: www.ucop.edu/news/sat/. General information about the university's admissions process also is available at: www.ucop.edu/pathways/.

But for now, my advice to students preparing for college remains the same as always: Take the most rigorous college-preparatory classes offered by your school, focus on doing well in them, and take all the necessary standardized tests - including the SAT I or ACT.

Finally, if you are a student thinking about your college options, let me take this opportunity to urge your consideration of the University of California. We have a proud tradition of offering an education of the highest quality at an affordable price, and we hope you will consider joining us.

Richard C. Atkinson is president of the University of California system, which has eight undergraduate campuses at Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz. An additional campus is planned for Merced.

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