Fall 2012 Application Tables
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Information summary (pdf) a description by volume of applications, campus and more.

Table 1 (pdf)             Applications by campus and level

Table 2.1 (pdf)          Applications by residency and level

Table 2.2 (pdf)          Freshman applications by campus and residency

Table 2.3 (pdf)          Transfer applications by campus, residency and level

Table 3.1 (pdf)          California resident applications by level and ethnicity

Table 3.2 (pdf)          California resident freshman applications by campus and ethnicity

Table 3.3 (pdf)          California Community College transfer applications by campus and ethnicity

Table 4 (pdf)             Application comparison by California location

Table 5 (pdf)           Academic and other Indicators Tables (preliminary data, subject to change):
                                 First Generation College
                                 Low Family Income                      
                                 Low High School API

Table 6 (pdf)             Notes


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